Requiring access to ISIS and Diamond
18 Mar 2015



ISIS and Diamond allow proposals requiring access to both facilities to be reviewed once by a single review panel. 

Aerial view of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory with Diamond in foreground

​Aerial view of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory with Diamond in foreground​

Credit: STFC RAL Space

We encourage science which exploits all of the facilities available on the Harwell Campus. Recognising that ISIS and Diamond Light Source are the two facilities with the largest overlapping user communities, we aim to make a simple access procedure which allows proposals to be reviewed once by a single review panel where both facilities are required for particular science.  However similar principles apply if you also wish to use the Central Laser Facility.

Proposals which require access to Diamond and ISIS should be sent to the facility and review panel which has the most appropriate expertise to judge the quality of the proposal. The choice of facility should be made considering the following factors:

  1. Is most of the access required on one beamline/instrument - you should send the proposal to the facility where most access is needed.
  2. Is the demand or competition for one of the instruments/beamlines considerably greater than all others - the proposal should be sent to the panel where the competition is highest. Each facility needs to ensure that the highest quality investigations are carried on all of its beamlines.

If you are unsure about which facility is most appropriate then please contact the following:

Andy Dent (​), Physical Science Coordinator, Diamond Light Source

Dave Stuart (, Director Life Science, Diamond Light Source

Philip King (, Spectroscopy and Support Division Head, ISIS

Sean  Langridge (, Diffraction and Materials Division Head, ISIS


  • Before you submit your proposal you should consult with Diamond and ISIS staff so that we can confirm that you have made the best choice of review panel and thereby smooth your path.
  • The need for guaranteed access to both facilities must be justified explicitly within your science case.
  • When you have submitted your proposal you must send an email to Philip ( and Andy ( to tell us that you have submitted a joint proposal.  We will look after the rest of the process for you!​​