ISIS and the UK Government's Quantum Strategy




​The UK's National Quantum Strategy sets out a ten-year plan for realising the potential of quantum technologies in the UK. These technologies take atomic-scale phenomena and use them to find new ways of manipulating information, which could then lead to complex computational problems being solved in a fraction of the time. The applications of quantum computing span a range of industries, from healthcare to environmental monitoring. 

Our limited knowledge of the quantum mechanical world will be holding us back from realising better high-performance computing, quantum computing, and other transformative technologies. This is why curiosity driven research and materials discovery occupies such an important role in society's response to its grand challenges. We can only unlock new technological capabilities by understanding the basic properties of materials and identifying new trends in their behaviour that can ‘emerge’ under certain conditions. 

Scientists at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source alongside industrial and academic partners are researching a range of materials that could have applications in next generation storage devices or new technologies for pro​cessing information. Some recent examples are highlighted below. 

For more information contact Professor​ Sean Langridge​