ReMade@ARI – A European hub to develop materials for the circular economy
07 Sep 2022



To meet the challenge of designing new materials for a circular economy, ISIS is one of more than 50 analytical research infrastructures in the European ARIE network whose potential will be harnessed through a new project, ReMade@ARI.

Infographic of ReMade@ARI process



​ISIS is one of 40 partners involved in the ARIE network, which launched this new initiative​ on 1 September 2022 after receiving 13.8 million euros funding under the European Union's Horizon Europe programme. As well as offering beamtime for materials research relevant to the circular economy, ISIS will be hosting a postdoc to support measurements and provide advice and guidance to users. Additionally, through its involvement in the LENS Initiative, ISIS will be supporting the delivery of ReMade@ARI's communication plan.

Read the press release​.

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Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,SPC)