Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator on ISIS proposals
07 Oct 2011



The Principal Investigator on an ISIS proposal has specific responsibilities for the experiment.




The Principal Investigator has to:

  • ensure that a trained team capable of running the experiment on a 24 hour basis will be available and that the researchers will observe the appropriate investigations, especially on safety, of ISIS and STFC. (This does not apply to Xpress Measurements where the team will not be present on site.)​
  • ensure that the information on the sample and the safety aspects of the experiment are correct and complete
  • nominate the people who have access to the experimental data
  • ensure that an experimental report is submitted within 3 months of experiment completion and that results from experiments at ISIS are published within a reasonable time frame
  • ensure that ISIS is acknowledged in publications and that ISIS staff, where appropriate, are included as authors

Note that research students cannot be Principal Investigators on ISIS proposals.