SINO UK Workshop on Science and Cultural Heritage
30 Jan 2019



​The SINO-UK workshop brought together British and Chinese researchers focussing on interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research using cutting edge technologies for the protection, restoration, preservation of Cultural Heritage artefacts.




The event took place at Worcester College Oxford on 21/22 January 2019.

The scientific study of cultural heritage artefacts is particularly challenging, as breaking them apart to see inside simply isn't an option. However, over the past decade there has been significant interest in what non-destructive techniques, such as neutron scattering or muon spectroscopy, can add to our existing knowledge. These techniques allow researchers to see what is happening beneath the surface without damaging the artefact.

The SINO-UK workshop covered examples of successful research carried out at the ISIS neutron and muon source, including a neutron study of Oxford's famous Sheldonian Heads, and a muon spectroscopy study on Roman coins <link to be added Wednesday after published in Fascination>. Researchers from China spoke about some of the challenges faced in conserving cultural heritage sites, for example Dunhuang's famous Magao Grottoes. It is hoped the meeting will strengthen existing collaborations between Chinese and UK researchers and opening up novel and exciting opportunities in understanding our cultural heritage.​


Workshop delegates at Worcester Colleg​e Oxford

Contact: Tabbett, Justin (STFC,RAL,ISIS)