Working at ISIS: The value of technicians
14 Mar 2012



STFC employees explain the importance of technicians at the organisation.




Sarah Callaghan: “My name is Sarah Callaghan and I’m a project manager for the British Atmospheric Data Centre. Technicians are an essential part of the organisation. The group would not survive without them”.

Mat Beardsley:  “Hi, my name is Mat Beardsley. I am a technician here of the Precision Development Facility here at RAL Space. We always need to look at the new generation of young engineers. With the skills that they are learning from pre-decessors, they can drive new ideas forward”.

Elinor:  “My name is Elinor and I work in the Millimetre Wave Technology group, which is part of RAL space. You need to have people from such a huge range all working together as one group. You’ve got to invent the technology first then you’ve got to get people to actually build all the parts to it. We couldn’t do it without their side of it”.

Lucy Stone: “I’m Lucy Stone from STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The new energy that the younger people bring through is absolutely brilliant. Obviously, you’ve got new ideas and you’ve got the experience but along with the new ideas and I think the combination of those two is always a good thing”.

Kate Lancaster: “I’m Kate Lancaster from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and I work at one of the world’s most powerful lasers. We need people to build the kit and it’s the backbone of it. Without the technicians, we just couldn’t simply do what we do.

Mat Beardsley: “Young apprentices - technicians - that come to the laboratory here would have exposure to being able to machine items which go onto spacecraft, such as this.

Chris Pulker: “My name is Chris Pulker. I’ve worked here for about seventeen years, at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. I started here as an apprentice at sixteen years old.

Whenever you’re given a project, there’s always a team of people that work on it: scientists, engineers, technicians. It is a good laugh working in here and the whole seventeen years that I’ve worked here has been great fun. You meet an incredible amount of people, not just from the UK but from all over the world and working internationally is really eye-opening”.

Anne-terry: “In order to do out jobs, we have to be supported by technicians. They all have their own areas of expertise. This place would not work without the technicians”.

Martyn Bull: “As a technician, you will be working on cutting-edge science and you will be making vital contributions to research that will influence people’s daily lives in the future”.

STFC - The value of technicians v3 from Gatsby Charitable Foundation on Vimeo.