Gas handling
06 Oct 2009



A significant number of experiments require gas handling, (GH), facilities; either because the sample is condensed directly from the gaseous phase or the gas used is an integral aspect of sample preparation, or a component of the chemistry being studied.

​​​A Gas Panel

We are able to offer a range of Gas handling panels and Gas handling centre sticks to cater for the most commonly requested gasses but we can cater for any gas if we are given prior notice  of the experimental requirements. Please click on the area you are interested in to see the facilities we have to offer in more detail. If you think that you may want to use any of these pieces of equipment in your experiment, are unsure if we have something appropriate or have any other questions please contact us.

Centre Sticks

Gas Panels


User's Own Gas Handling Equipment

User’s who wish to use their own Gas Handling facility on an ISIS instrument should seek advice from the SE Section in advance to ensure that their equipment conforms to the Laboratory’s Safety and Pressure regulations. Such equipment must either be certificated by an Engineer from an external organisation, or will be pressure tested at ISIS prior to use. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in the delay or cancellation of the experiment.

The SE Design Office has acquired considerable experience in the design and construction of special cells for gas condensation, and should be contacted for advice.