Shear and Stress Measurement
26 Jul 2013




A rheometer is available for shear rates and shear-stress measurements. A Couette cell belonging to Unilever may also be used.


For further details/images please select the relevant link in the table below. If you think you may want to use any of this equipment for your experiment please contact the soft matter team.


Equipment Description Instrument
Physica Rheometer Temp control between -10 to 200 deg, 4 Operational Modes: (1) Viscometry - shear rates from 0.00184 to 1460.0 s-1, (2) Oscillation - Frequency from 0.001 to 20.0Hz, Strain Amplitude 0 - 100%, (3) Strain Sweep - Oscillation Frequency from 0.001 to 20.0Hz, (4) Stress Relaxation - Strain rise time from 1000 to 0.02 secs
Torque Elements: 0.28, 1.82, 12.75 44.33, 90.0, 96.16, 1000 g cm
LOQ, R55 Lab
Unilever Couette Cell  Sample volume of ~7cc. Shear rates of 0 - 15840s-1 produced by a static inner stator in a rotating outer cylinder. Temp control from 10 - 50 deg. Av path length 1mm SANS2D / LOQ