Shutters and Interlocks TS2 (R80)
20 Nov 2010



Areas in and around instruments that are subject to high levels of radiation when beam is admitted are protected by an interlock system similar to the one in the TS1 experimental hall.




The potential for neutrons to be present is indicated by blue lighting inside an interlocked area and “Beam On" lights near the door.

In order to admit beam to a reflectometer or SANS2D, you must:

  1. Begin a search of the beamline area. Each instrument has a p​re-defined search route. The starting point of the search route is indicated by a green flashing search button.
  2. In the reflectometers, you should also see an illuminated “Area Searched” light. If this light is not on, please seek advice from your Local Contact.
  3. Press the search button only when you are sure that there is no-one in the area. A siren will start to sound. The next search point will then be indicated by another green flashing search button. Walk to this button and press it when you are sure that there is no-one in the area.
  4. Continue until all search buttons have been pressed. Your Local Contact will be able tell you what the search route is for the instrument you are working on.
  5. Close the blockhouse door, ensuring that the fingers on the door are level with and fully engage with the lock.
  6. Turn and remove the key from the lock. The electronic signs around the instrument should indicate “Searched and Locked”.
  7. Put the key into the key box and turn it.

With all the key positions in the key box filled, press the “Open” button on the shutter control box.

To re-enter the instrument:

 1. Press the “Close” button on the shutter control box and wait for the “Beam On” lights to turn off.

2. Turn and remove the top key from the key box

3. Insert the key into the door lock and turn it. The door will be released. Note that the search will now have to be performed again before beam can be readmitted.

In order to admit beam to WISH, LET or NIMROD:

There is no search procedure for the sample position. Check that no-one is in the sample area, close the sample gate, and follow the instructions from point 6 above.

If you find yourself inside an interlocked area with the beam (blue lights) on:

1. Make your way quickly to the entrance door.

2. If the door is locked, press the emergency exit button. This releases the door lock and turns beam off

3. Push the door to exit.

4. Contact the MCR on ext 6789.

As on instruments in the Target Station 1 experimental hall, beam can be disabled instantaneously by pressing a beam-off button. Contact the MCR on 6789 immediately if you press a beam-off button. Please note that using a beam-off button in Target Station 2 AT ANY TIME turns beam off to ALL instruments in both experimental halls, so please use them only in an emergency.

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