Strengthening relationships with Portugal
07 Mar 2022



​On 4 March, a delegation of representatives from ISIS visited Portugal, to explore opportunities for future collaborations.

Group photo of the team in Portugal

​Frederico Lyra (Science Attache at the British Embassy in Lisbon), Philip King (​ISIS), Roger Eccleston (ISIS)​, Joaquim Agostinho (Porto), José Amaral Lopes (FCT national contact point at the Portugal in Europe Research and Innovation Network), and Vicky Garcia Sakai (ISIS).​


​The British Embassy in Portugal​ joined the FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology​ and the Neutrons & ​​Muons in Portugal (NeMPo) group to celebrate the existing relationship and strengthen scientific collaborations between the United Kingdom and Portugal, in important experimental techniques for the study of matter. This visit aimed to explore opportunities for future collaborations with academia and industry, identify the common interests of using the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source facilities for fundamental and applied research, training young people in associated technology and strengthening bilateral relations between the United Kingdom and Portugal. Headed by Roger Eccleston, Director of the ISIS Facility, this visit comes after prior talks between members of NeMPO, FCT and ISIS.  

Maria Paula Marques (University of Coimbra) and J Agostinho Moreira (University of Porto), NeMPo Coordinators, state: This is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and build bridges between FCT and the ISIS Facility, which has been fostered in recent years by NeMPo and the British Embassy in Portugal, following the interest shown by the ISIS Facility. The aim is to establish future partnerships that will certainly be of great interest to our country - not only from an academic point of view (scientific collaboration and training of human resources) but also for the Portuguese industrial fabric. 

José Paulo Esperança, Vice President of FCT, states "We are very pleased to welcome a delegation from ISIS Neutron & Muon Source. This visit enhances the position of Portuguese science within the collaborations with international institutions of high scientific output. FCT makes every effort to increase the impact of science produced in Portugal." 

Hugo Marques, Head of Economics & Prosperity, British Embassy in Lisbon comments "It is a pleasure to support the rapprochement between ISIS Neutron and Muon Source and the Portuguese scientific community. We were very pleased with the support and involvement of the Foundation for Science and Technology in this visit. For the UK, as a pioneer country in the field of scientific and technological innovation, it is very important to strengthen international collaborations in Research & Development as a way to address the biggest challenges of our time."

Prof Roger Eccleston, Director of the ISIS Neutron & Muon Source, says, “This is an excellent opportunity to develop our partnership with our Portuguese colleagues. Portuguese science at ISIS has always been strong – from semiconductor studies using muons to cancer treatment work or forensic-related explorations using neutrons – and cementing further collaboration will bring benefits to ISIS and its science programme. We are looking forward to continuing to work with our friends from Portugal on excellent science into the future."​

Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,BID)