Student Travel Support
04 Oct 2021



ISIS is offering support for UK students visiting other facilities during the ISIS long shutdown

Users on the Tosca instrument



The ISIS First Target Station (TS1) has undergone refurbishment and commissioning, and has not been fully operational since July 2021.  We recognise that this is a long time for students not to have access to the TS1 instruments ​(on top of the difficulties caused by the pandemic), and so we are offering support for students travelling to other neutron or muon sources over this period. 

We will offer this support until 31 March 2024, but the scheme will end at this point. If you have an experiment overseas and would like financial support for this, please ensure you apply before 31 March 2024.

ISIS will support reasonable travel and subsistence costs for PhD students registered at a UK university to travel to overseas facilities for neutron or muon beamtime for experiments​​. We will provide up to £900 to support a visit to a European facility,​ and up to £1400 to support a visit to a facility elsewhere in the world.  Valid expenses will include economy flight costs, local travel to / from airports, accommodation costs (at up to £80 per night) and reasonable costs for food up to £50 per day but based on actuals). 

Students must be participating in an approved experiment and will need to provide details of this experiment.  Applications for funding must be made by completing an online form in advance of travel. Applications will be considered by one of the ISIS Science Division Heads, and students will be notified if their request for support has been approved. The form can be submitted once beamtime has been confirmed (along with confirmation that you will physically attend the experiment).  Students will need to keep receipts for expenses to submit to the ISIS User Office. 

Please note that expenses can already be claimed for UK students travelling to the ILL – please see their webpage for details​.  Please use this procedure if you are travelling to the ILL. 

ISIS offers a variety of other support for students using neutrons and muons, including student days – please see our student pages​ for more details. ​

To apply for approval for a trip to another facility, please complete this form.

Contact: King, Philip (STFC,RAL,ISIS)