Summary of Hazards at ISIS
18 Nov 2010



A summary of the key Hazards found at ISIS





There are four different kinds of signs at ISIS. Please be aware of them and do as they ask.

Red signs are Prohibition signs. 

Yellow signs are Warning signs.

Blue signs are Mandatory signs.

Green signs are Emergency Escape and First Aid signs.  


Cryostats and CCRs are provided for cooling your samples.

•         They are looked after by support staff.

•         Be careful when handling centre sticks which have been in cryostats - warm your sample to at least 100K before removal from the cryostat - this will prevent a dangerous pressure build up.

Furnaces are provided for heating samples.

•         Cadmium is not allowed in any furnace which will go above 120°C.

•         Take extra care when using Vanadium cans above 600°C.


Any pressurising system must have a pressure relief valve.

Any user owned pressurised system must be checked and tested by ISIS engineers before use on a beamline.


Do not operate the following equipment without notifying ISIS via the User Equipment section of the Experimental Risk Assessment and following the User Provided Electrical Equipment Guidelines.

•         Electrical equipment requiring a PAT test.

•         Non-CE marked electrical equipment.

•         High voltage equipment (voltages >600Vac, >900Vdc).

•         RF equipment.

•         Equipment or systems that include personnel safety interlocks.

Do not misuse electrical equipment, electrical systems and parts thereof.

Do not operate electrical equipment, electrical systems and parts thereof in an environment which increases a risk of harm.

Do not attempt to make any repair to electrical equipment, electrical systems and parts thereof.

Do not interfere with or remove enclosures or covers on electrical equipment, electrical systems and parts thereof.

Do not supply electricity to equipment by series-linking multiple extension leads together.

Do not operate or interfere with any parts associated with the distribution of the mains supply (electrical switchgear, switchboards or distribution boards)

Do not misuse or interfere with interlock systems.

Observe and comply with all signs and barriers.

Where possible use an RCD protected electrical supply or extension lead.

Whilst working at ISIS, report any concerns related to the condition or operation of electrical equipment to your local contact.

In the event of an emergency follow the emergency advice summary here.


The ERA document for your samples gives the suggested handling methods for both before and after the samples have been irradiated.

Active samples should be stored in the instruments active sample cupboard until the induced radioactivity has decayed away. However, if you need to remove an active sample from ISIS - to run at another facility for example - then please talk to health physics.

Magnetic Fields

Some ISIS instruments present a magnetic field (>0.5mT) hazard due to permanently installed electro magnets and temporarily installed sample environment equipment e.g. cryomagnets.  For permanent installations the areas are clearly marked on the floor by a yellow line and a warning sign.  For temporary installations free standing signs and flashing yellow beacons are present.  If you have an implanted medical device such as a heart pacemaker, please be aware of these warning signs and inform your local contact.


Users who wish to use a laser as part of an experiment should first talk to their local contact.

Use of Cranes

Only holders of a RAL crane licence may use the 1 tonne Pelloby cranes.

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