Target Station 2 Phase II Instruments
01 Mar 2018



The ISIS Phase II project, now complete, covered a range of activities on the second target station and consisted of a change of the Beryllium reflector and the delivery of four new instruments.




The ISIS Target Station 2 Phase II project is now complete, and details of developments of the four instruments in the Phase II project – LARMOR, IMAT, Zoom and ChipIR are given below: 


LARMOR is an advanced neutron polarisation instrument and one of the four instruments in the Phase II project. LARMOR is now a fully scheduled instrument with a broad ranging science program in hard and soft condensed matter, already publishing high impact work in the area of topological matter. LARMOR continues the strong collaboration with our partners at TU-Delft in the Netherlands, with the commissioning of the new TU-Delft Spin-Echo SANS (SESANS) equipment completed in September 2017.​


IMAT is a neutron imaging and diffraction instrument which will be used in a diverse range of disciplines such as engineering material sciences, battery research, earth science and cultural heritage. The instrument was formally opened in October 2016 and is now an operational beamline. 


Zoom is a small angle instrument which complements the existing SANS2D instrument by exploi​ting neutron polarisation techniques and is part of the Phase II Project. Zoom, whose construction was co-funded by the Indian Department of Science and Technology's Nanomission project, entered the user programme in March 2019.​


ChipIR is an innovative instrument to provide rapid testing of the effect of atmospheric neutrons on the microelectronics that society relies upon. ChipIR is one of the four instruments in the Phase II Project. ChipIR is now fully scheduled with both academic and commercial testing programmes for a range of microelectronics with applications in several industrial sectors​.​