The Helium Recovery Project
01 Mar 2018



In 2013 a project began to develop a helium recovery facility, with the aim of reducing the helium bill by capturing, compressing and storing helium, before making it available for re-use or by selling on.




​Over the last 10 years the cost of helium has increased by over 300%. ISIS is a major user of helium, as liquid to cryogenically cool samples on the instruments and as gas in the target stations. Two thirds of ISIS experiments use liquid helium, and this looks set to increase.

The recovery facility has supplied Target Station 1 and the instruments and labs on Target Station 2 with recycled Helium for the last 2 operational cycles - a yearly saving for the target group alone is over £35K. Soon recycled helium for Target Station 2 and the instruments and labs on target station 1 will be available as well, which could save a further £100k / year. With the addition and commissioning of a Helium liquefier for the facility, the system is expected over the coming years to effect savings as high as £300k/year.