Thermogravimetric Analysis
31 Oct 2014



Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a method of thermal analysis whereby changes in chemical and physical properties of a sample are measured as a function of temperature or time.




Equipment currently available at ISIS includes the Netzsch F3 Jupiter and Hiden Isochema IGA, both located in the hydrogen and catalysis laboratory.

Netzsch F3 Jupiter​​

The Jupiter F3 is a high performance, high temperature thermogravimetric analysis instrument, with thermo-microbalance and differential scanning calorimetry capabilities.

  • Operation from ambient to 1500 °C

  • Flow control for gas dosing

  • Can be used with corrosive gases; ammonia gas available​

  • Mass spectrometer available​​​

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The Netzsch F3 Jupiter TGA instrument.

Hiden Isochema IGA-003​

The Hiden Isochema IGA gravimetric analyser will precisely measure the magnitude and kinetics of vapour-phase samples at controlled temperatures and pressures.

  • Operation from -196 °C to 500​ °C and UHV to 20 bar

  • Close-coupled mass spectrometer available

  • A second instrument is situated in the TS1 (R55) experimental hall ​for analysis during beamline experiments

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The Hiden Isochema IGA-003 instrument​​