Tosca Xpress
07 May 2009



Molecular spectroscopy measure-by-courier service using the Tosca instrument


Xpress Access to beam time at ISIS is suitable for:

  • new and infrequent users
  • research programmes requiring only limited and/or occasional neutron beamtime
  • chemistry programmes operating a tight loop between synthesis and structural characterisation


Samples are restricted to solid or liquid form that require minimal sample handling (i.e. can be handled in the open laboratory).

Samples will usually be disposed of by ISIS. If there is a compelling reason for their return, this should be discussed with the instrument scientist.

Minimum sample quantity

  • Organic compounds: 2gm (5gm is preferred)
  • Inorganic compounds: 2gm (5gm is preferred). Sample must contain a minimum of 100 millimoles of hydrogen.

Measurement environment

All samples will be run at 20K or below.

Data output

After the sample has been measured, the reduced dataset will be emailed to you.

Data policy

Data collected using Xpress are subject to the normal ISIS policy regarding publication of scientific results, and bibliometric criteria, among others, will be used to assess the productivity of the scheme.

On publication, the spectra will be published on the INS database.