UK-Brazil Webinars SERIES_2
05 Oct 2023







Program for SERIES_2: 12,13,14/September/2023

​​Short talks from Brazilian research groups showing science cases that could be benefitted with the use of neutron techniques in preparation for proposal submission to ISIS.​​

Tuesday, 12th September: Soft matter/life sciences

10:00-10:10 (Brazilian time) 14:00-14:10 (UK time) : ​Leide Cavalcanti - Welcome and updates

10:10-10:25 (Brazilian time) 14:10-14:25 (UK time) ​: Cícero Ávila Neto (UFPR) - Waste and chemical intermediates characterization from forestry mill for biofuel production

10:25-10:40 (Brazilian time) 14:25-14:40 (UK time) ​: Patricio Montecinos Munoz (USP) - A proposal for neutron monitoring of simulated low P-T geological processes to understand petrological and environmental issues

10:40-10:55 (Brazilian time) 14:40-14:55 (UK time) ​: Cristiano L. Oliveira (USP) - Structural Investigations of Soft Matter Systems

10:55-11:10 (Brazilian time) 14:55-15:10 (UK time) ​: Fabiano Yokaichiya (UFPR) - Unveiling drug delivery systems using small angle neutron scattering.

11:10-12:00 (Brazilian time) 15:10-16:00 (UK time) ​​: Discussion


Wednesday, 13th September: Functional materials

10:00-10:10 (Brazilian time) 14:00-14:10 (UK time) : TBC - Welcome and update

10:10-10:25 (Brazilian time) 14:10-14:25 (UK time) ​: Guinther Kellermann (UFPR) - Studies by SAXS of nanoparticles in glasses and single-crystalline silicon wafers

10:25-10:40 (Brazilian time) 14:25-14:40 (UK time) Fabio Rocha Formiga (FIOCRUZ) - Neutron techniques for biomaterials research

10:40-10:55 (Brazilian time) 14:40-14:55 (UK time) Carlos Maduro de Campos (UFSC) - Neutron scattering studies on mechanochemically synthesized Chalcogenide powders

10:55-12:00 (Brazilian time) 14:55-16:00 (UK time) : Discussion


Thursday, 14th September:

10:00-10:10 (Brazilian time) 14:00-14:10 (UK time) : Gøran Nilsen: Welcome and update

10:10-10:25 (Brazilian time) 14:10-14:25 (UK time) ​: Fernando Passos de Almeida (USP) - NdCo5 crystal field excitations investigated by inelastic neutron scattering

10:25-10:40 (Brazilian time) 14:25-14:40 (UK time) Eduardo Granado (UNICAMP) - Non-collinear magnetism in Ca2-xYxMnReO6 double perovskites

10:40-10:55 (Brazilian time) 14:40-14:55 (UK time)Viviane Peçanha Antonio (Uni. Oxford) - Magnetic interactions in Nd2PdSi3

10:55-11:10 (Brazilian time) 14:55-15:10 (UK time)Matheus de Assis Martins (UFPR) - The behavior of spin density waves (SDW) in Cr alloys – 0.2% V: Temperature and applied magnetic field contributions

11:10-12:00 (Brazilian time) 15:10-16:00 (UK time): Discussion​

Contact: Cavalcanti, Leide (STFC,RAL,ISIS)