UK Neutron & Muon Science and User Meeting 2019
08 Feb 2019
- Jointly organised by ISIS and ILL



The UK Neutron and Muon Science and User Meeting (NMSUM) will take place at Warwick University from 29 April - 1 May 2019.

NMSUM meeting 2019

​​​​​​​​​​Attendees at the UK NMSUM meeting in 2018.


​This meeting, jointly organised by ISIS and the ILL, is a chance for UK users of neutron and muon beams to hear about latest science using these techniques, together with facility updates and other news of interest to the community.​  It will take place at the Warwick Conference Centre, in The Slate​, with accommodation i​n near-by rooms.  This meeting is held annually, and attracted around 300 attendees in 2018.

Registration for the meeting is now open here and will close on 30 March 2019.

Registration is free to researchers at UK universities and ILL, and ISIS will also cover reasonable travel expenses for UK researchers and those from ILL to attend the meeting.

  • Mon 29 April (11.00am onwards) will be a day for students who use neutrons and muons in their work – a chance to meet other students, and to learn more about neutron and muon techniques, and about the research that fellow students are doing.
  • Tues 30 April (09.00 onwards) will be the main science day, split into five themes with talks on latest results from members of the community.
  • Wed 1 May (09.00 – 13.00) will be a chance to hear about facility updates and other news of interest to ILL and ISIS users.​
An outline, draft programme can be found here​ NMSUM_Programme_2019.pdf which gives an idea of the structure of the meeting.

Confirmed speakers to-date include:
  • Jenny Nelson (Imperial, plenary)
  • Paolo Rech (​UFRGS, Brazil, plenary)
  • Dave Barlow (Kings London, plenary)

Functional Materials (​Session organisers: ​Martin Jones, ISIS; Mohamed Zbiri, ILL)

  • Jacqui Cole (Cambridge / ISIS)​​​​​
  • Anne Guilbert (Imperial)
  • Hany El-Shinawi​ (Sheffield)
  • Christian Masquelier (Picardie)
  • Maria Diaz-Lopez (ISIS)​
  • Adrian Porch (Cardiff)
  • Abbie Mclaughlin (Aberdeen)
  • Paul Anderson (Birmingham)​

Biosciences & Soft Matter (Session organisers: Armando Maestro, Matthew Blakele​y, ILL; Max Skoda, ISIS)

  • Anthony Higgins (Swansea)
  • Svetlana Antonyuk (Liverpool)
  • Lindsay McGregor (Kings London / ILL)​

Magnetism & Superconductivity (Session organisers: Ross Stewart, ISIS; Navid Querishi, ILL)

  • ​Aiden Hindmarch (Durham)
  • Mark Laver (Birmingham)
  • Simon Riberolles (Warwick / ILL)​
  • Lucy Clark (Liverpool)
  • Deepak Singh (ISIS)
  • Manila Sonvilay (Edinburgh)
  • David Boldrin (Imperial)​
  • Alex Gibbs (ISIS)

Engineering (Session organisers: Thilo Pirling, ILL; Tung Lik Lee, ISIS)

  • John Bouchard (Open University)
  • Christopher Truman (Bristol)​
  • Kun Yan (Manchester)
  • Ralf​ Ziesche (UCL)
  • John Brokx & Mushfiqur Rahman (OU/ILL)
  • Cui Er Seow (Bristol)
  • Dirk Visser (Loughborough)
  • Di Wen (Cambridge)​

Chemistry & Catalysis (Session organisers: Ian Silverwood, ISIS; Peter Fouquet, ILL)

  • Joao Cabral (Imperial)
  • Ivana Evans (Durham)
  • Sabrina Gaertner (ISIS)
  • Shihai Yang (Manchester)
  • Tony Tamtoegl (Graz, Austria)​
  • Duncan Gregory (Glasgow)
  • Christian Pfrang (Birmingham)
  • Marta Falkowska (Manchester)
. . .  with more speakers to be added very shortly

We look forward to seeing you in Warwick in April.​

Contact: King, Philip (STFC,RAL,ISIS)