Molecular Spectroscopy User Group
10 Jan 2019



The Molecular Spectroscopy Group consists of the instrument scientists and its User Group.


​The last Molecular Spectroscopy Science User Group Meeting was held at Milton House Abingdon 30th October - 1st November 2023. More details here.



A small group, the Liaison Team (LT), meets periodically to interface between ISIS and the user community, for the suite of instruments in our group (Iris, Osiris, Tosca, and Vesuvio). ​If you have any suggestions/comments in reference to any of our instruments, science or events, please feel free to contact the MSUGLT secretary. ​

Maria-Paula Marques, Chairperson, University of Coimbra;

Matthew Potter, MSUG Representative, University of Bath;

Mona Sarter, MSUGLT Secretary, ISIS;​