Safety Information
22 Nov 2010



To be granted access to the experimental halls and laboratories, you must read through the safety documentation and pass the online tests relevant to you prior to your arrival at ISIS




To be granted access to work in the experimental halls, users will be required to pass the Facility Safety Test. To be granted access to work in one of our laboratoriesusers will be required to pass the Facility Safety Test and the ISIS Sample Preparation and Chemistry Labs​​ Test. ​

Please click on the safety induction link below to access the ISIS safety trainign information.  You can also click the links on the right hand, under 'User Safety Information Reading L​ist'  and 'Sample Preparation and Chemistry Labs ​Reading List' ​to jump to a specific training page.​

Safety informatio​n​

Read ISIS safety induction information here.

Facility Safety Test System

The Facility Safety Test System replaces the older ISIS Safety Test. The new system hooks directly into the user office systems so ISIS staff can instantly see when you have passed in order to grant access to the Experimental Hall. In the future we aim to use this information to automate the process further so users can access the facilities and start their experiment as promptly as possible.

ISIS Sample Preparation and Chemistry Labs​ Test

​To be granted access to our laboratories, you will be required to pass a test based on the induction information. Once you have read through the induction information take the ISIS Sa​mple Preparation​ and Chemistry Labs​ T​est here​​. ​​