User Twinning Scheme
17 Sep 2018



The ISIS Twinning scheme aims to put less experienced neutron or muon users in touch with more experienced groups.

Image of ISIS users



The aim is to encourage new or less frequent users, knowing that the learning curve on understanding what neutrons or muons can do, how experiments are run and how data can be best analysed can be very steep. Whilst ISIS instrument scientists are able to help less experienced users at all steps in this process, they are not always able to provide every user group with the amount of time that they might like. It is hoped that, by putting less experienced groups in contact with those who’ve been using ISIS for a while, both groups might benefit – the less experienced group through learning about neutron or muon techniques, the more experienced group from gaining extra help with an experiment or extra scientific input from a group working in similar areas.

How does the scheme work?

Users can complete this web form ​to capture some details of both host or guest groups and what they would like from the scheme.

We will then match less- and more-experienced groups, based on their science areas.

ISIS will put the two groups in contact with each other; it will then be up to them to sort out the practicalities of how they work together.

ISIS will support the travel and subsistence costs for researchers from UK institutions taking part in the scheme who come to ISIS for experiments.

For further information or enquiries contact Philip King​.


Contact: King, Philip (STFC,RAL,ISIS)