What to do on arrival
07 May 2009



Information on what to do on arrival at the ISIS facility.




​Please note that your entry into the ISIS experimental halls will be delayed unless you have an up-to-date safety test. Please check you are prepared before you arrive by reading the information below.

User Office Building R75, next to th​e reception desk. ​​ISIS Main Control Room Building R55.​​

For arrival during normal working hours

Monday to Thursday  08:30 to 16:00
Friday – CLOSED  The team will be working from home and are contactable by phone or email.​

  1. Check-in at the user office to get your pass.
  2. Go to the Health Physics Office, next to the ISIS Main Control Room to get your dosimeter.
  3. Go to the ISIS Main Control room to get your pass activated.

For arrival out of hours

To avoid delay:

  • Inform the user office if your experiment is scheduled to start during office hours but you plan to arrive out of hours.
  • Check you are completely prepared to start your experiment​.

If you arrive when the office is closed

  1. Report to the security lodge in R75 (Main Reception building) to obtain your site pass and Dosimeter paperwork.
  2. Go to the ISIS Main Control Room to receive your dosimeter and have your pass activated for entry into the Experimental Hall.​

Other Useful telephone extension numbers include:

The Security Wardens at the Main Gate: 5545
RAL Medical Centre: 6666
Site emergency services: 2222