Disordered Materials XRD
07 Dec 2009



X-ray Diffractometers for Disordered Materials

​​​​​​​​​​Disordered m​aterials XRD

These facilities have been provided with the aim of routinely providing high quality laboratory X-ray diffraction data in conjunction with neutron diffraction results. This will allow users of the NIMROD, GEM and SANDALS neutron diffractometers to exploit the complementarities of X-rays and neutrons and extract the maximum information possible from their data.

PANalytical X’pert Pro​​​​​

The X'pert Pro diffractometer has been optimised for the study of amorphous materials by mounting the samples in capillaries and using a silver anode to produce the X-rays.  This allows data to be collected over the widest angular range with a Qmax in excess of 20 Å-1.

The unit was installed in Target Station 2 in September 2008 and after extensive commissioning, including the development of in house data reduction software, GudrunX, user experiments began June 2009.  Since then a wide range of experiments has been conducted, studying materials such as oxide glasses, zeolites, bio glasses, cyanides, acids and bulk metallic glasses.​

PANalytical Empyrean Diffractometer

​​Commissioned in December 2017, the Empyrean has ​enhanced capabi​lities over the X'pert Pro system, and is equipped with a GaliPIX3D detector optimised for high energy radiation.