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​​My current research interests are:

  • Structural disorder in crystalline and amorphous metal-organic frameworks
  • Structural origins of negative thermal expansion
  • Local structural changes across phase transitions
  • Flexibility within network structures
  • Amorphous materials

Using a combination of:

  • Neutron and x-ray total scattering (aka pair distribution function measurements) from powdered materials
  • Reverse Monte Carlo refinement
  • High-pressure neutron and x-ray diffraction

Further details may be found on my personal web-page.

I am a scientist within the Crystallography Group at ISIS with responsibilities for GEM instrument operation, the lead scientist for the LMX instrument project on ISIS TS2 and research interests in using neutron diffraction to understand structurally disordered materials.

I am a visiting Professor at the Department of Physics, Oxford University

Two key papers describing some of my work might be "The Crystallography of Correlated Disorder" and "Liquid Metal-Organic Frameworks"