Chemistry and Materials module
05 Oct 2012



Neutron Training Course, Chemistry and Materials Module




The Chemistry and Materials module of the ISIS neutron training course is intended for condensed matter chemistry (physics) students and post-docs, and also engineers and materials scientists. The module covers a wide variety of neutron diffraction techniques, and an introduction to the study of molecular vibrational spectroscopy. Single crystal and polycrystalline techniques are presented, as well as diffuse scattering and scattering from liquids and glasses. Rietveld refinement using GSAS is used during the course.

Choose this module if:

  • You are interested in diffraction techniques from hard condensed matter / liquids 
  • You are interested in molecular spectroscopy

If you are a chemistry student interest in magnetic scattering techniques, you should choose the Physics module.

While students will be introduced to the concept of time of flight neutron diffraction, it is assumed that you will be fully conversant with the basics of diffraction. If necessary, you should use books or the internet to refresh your memory in advance, as the instructors will not have time to cover such basic information.