Physics Module
05 Oct 2012



Neutron Training Course, Physics Module


The physics module of the ISIS neutron training course is intended for condensed matter physics (chemistry) students and post-docs. The module covers both neutron diffraction and chopper spectroscopy techniques, both on powder and single crystal samples. There is an emphasis towards applications of magnetic neutron scattering in this module - although non-magnetic crystallography and spectroscopy is also covered.

Choose this module if:

  • You are interested in magnetism applications
  • You are interested in chopper spectroscopy techniques

Physics students who are interested only in non-magnetic diffraction techniques, should take the Chemistry and Materials module.

While we will be introducing the time of flight neutron diffraction technique, it is expected that all students will be fully conversant with the basic concepts of diffraction. Students should use the internet to refresh their memories if necessary.‚Äč