Crisp technical information
13 Aug 2009




Technical information for Crisp


Technical Summary

Incident wavelengths0.5 - 6.5 Å at 50 Hz, 0.5 - 13.0 Å at 25 Hz
Momentum transfer, QMinimum/maximum values depend on the incident angle; Typical values extending from 0.006 - 1.0 Å^-1 (Upper value is only limited by the loss of information in the reflectivity associated with the sample background.)

Instrument Parameters

ISIS Beam lineN4, viewing the 25 K liquid hydrogen (lower) moderator.
Sample PositionThe vibration damped concrete pillar is situated at 10.25m from the moderator, allowing a full range of sample environment equipment
Beam Size40mm (H)× 0.1 to 10mm (V)
DetectorSingle He³ gas detector or one dimensional position sensitive detector (<1mm resolution) for off-specular scattering studies.
Primary Flight PathWavelength limiting chopper at 6m, nimonic (T0) chopper for background suppression, variable coarse and defining fine collimating slits, frame overlap mirrors (removes wavelengths greater than 13Å). Polarising neutron mirror and guide field option.
Data AcquisitionAlpha 500 Workstaion