Rob Bewley
22 Apr 2024



Dr Rob Bewley gained his individual merit promotion in April 2024, recognising his contributions as a world-leading expert in neutron instrumentation design.

Dr Robert Bewley installing the TS1 Characterisation rig on the LARMOR instrument at ISIS.


Rob Bewley has an outstanding record of innovative neutron instrument design that has opened up new research areas and provided new capabilities for the research community. He is frequently called upon to provide expert advice to other facilities who want to benefit from his expertise and experience, and want to replicate the instrumentation capabilities he has developed.

Rob has made a unique and highly significant contribution to maintaining and extending the ISIS facility’s standing as a world-leading neutron source. Instrument innovations, which Rob has initiated and or/led, have allowed ISIS to offer performance that sometimes exceeds instruments on much more recent and powerful sources. He has also enhanced capability in instrument design and development amongst ISIS through training and embedding a culture of innovation.

Rob will continue to drive the optimisation of the next generation of instrumentation at ISIS, including the Endeavour Programme and, in the longer term, ISIS-II​.

Contact: Richardson, Stephanie (STFC,RAL,ISIS)