High temperature
17 Sep 2009



We are able to provide vacuum furnaces, covering the temperature range 200°C to 2000°C for the neutron instruments and temperatures of up to 1200°C on the Muon beamlines.

​RAL 3

Heating elements are either Vanadium, Niobium or Tantalum. All elements and shields are fabricated in-house.

Please choose a group of furnaces from the following categories to see more details and to find which is most appropriate for your experiment. Please contact the Pressure and Furnaces team with any questions or to book these pieces of equipment.

Low Temperature Furnaces:
    Up to 400°C (700k)

Standard furnaces:
    Up to 1000°C (1300k)

High Temperature Furnaces:
    Up to 2000°C (2300k)

Muon Furnaces (for use on Muon beamlines):
    Up to 1200°C (1500k)

Off Beam Equipment:
(Equipment used for off beamline sample preparation.

1.5K to 600k (300°C) (managed by the cryogenics team)

CCR Hot Stage:
4K to 700k (400°C) (managed by the cryogenics team)​

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