Cryogenics Team
13 Aug 2009



The cryogenics team at ISIS are responsible for superconducting magnets and low-temperature equipment.

​​Above: the​ ISIS Cryogenics team.

The Cryogenic team can supply ISIS Neutron and Muon instruments with a wide range of equipment. The equipment includes superconducting magnets, with fields up to 14T and  low temperature equipment including dilution refrigerators, cryostats, closed cycle refrigerators and fluid baths.

​Find out more on sample environment equipment here.​​


​​​​​​Main Contact: 

​Richard Down

Other Contacts:

Jeff Keeping

Dave Bunce

Robert Major

Paul Frodsham

Jonathon Timms​​

Chris Lawson ​

Will Bradbury​

Dale Keeping

Matthew Baston​

​Sasha Horney​​

​Alex Jones