29 Jul 2013



The Isisstat top-loading cryogen free cryostat has been developed in collaboration between ISIS facility and Oxford Instruments.

ISISstat in Merlin

The ISISStat® cryostat provides neutron scattering sample environment in the temperature range 1.25 – 300 K. The system has high cooling power (0.23 W at temperature of less than 2 K) and is achieved at the cryostat’s variable temperature insert heat exchanger; the high cooling power enables the operation and sustained support of a Kelvinox VT dilution refrigerator insert. From a user’s perspective, the system offers operating parameters very similar to those of an Orange cryostat but without the complication of using liquid cryogens. Oxford Instruments has officially launched the ISISStat® product during the ICNS 2013 Conference in Edinburgh.

The ISISStat® can only run on the instruments Merlin, Let and Wish. If you have any questions or think you may want to use the ISISStat® in your experiment please contact the Sample environment team or your respective instrument scientist. We are currently awaiting delivery of a second ISISStat® system which should be compatible with all neutron instruments. We expect it to be available for use on experiments by the end of 2013.

Temperature Range 1.25 – 300 K
Cooling Power 0.23 W (at <2K)
Sample Space 50mm Ø

Oxford instruments own information about the ISISStat® can be found here.