Kelvinox Dilution Fridge
17 Jul 2013



We currently have five Kelvinox VT dilution refrigerator systems; three neutron scattering systems and two dedicated Muon systems.

Kelvinox three systems Overview

Kelvinox three systems Overview ​


The base temperature of the Kelvinox is 35mK; the standard system fits into any 50mm top loading variable temperature insert based cryostat or cryomagnet, the inserts are parasitic so the device that supports them must be able to achieve temperatures of ≤2K for the Kelvinox to function. You can view a schematic of the Kelvinox standard IVC constraints for 50mm VTI here.​

​The available sample size for neutron experiments is up to 35mm diameter and 40mm long (length is governed by beam size) and for most spectroscopy experiments the insert is normally supplied with a 0.001° resolution Newport rotation stage unless prior arrangements have been made. The Kelvinox fridges for neutron instruments are available with either aluminium or vanadium tails in a variety of lengths to suit experimental needs. The temperature range of the neutron Kelvinox is 35mK to ~1.5K, for temperatures above this helium exchange gas will need to be added, for magnet based experiments an extension may be used with a calibrated sensor close to the sample.

The Muon based Kelvinox’s have aluminized Mylar windows, the samples are mounted on a 40mm x 40mm sample blade. All Muon systems are fitted with weak thermal links to increase the normal temperature range of the system; the temperature range is 30mK to 4K.

If you think you may want to use one of these Kelvinox Fridges or if you have any questions then please contact the sample environment team and your instrument scientist to discuss your requirements.