£1.5 million investment to develop plans for ISIS-II, the next generation UK neutron and muon facility
21 Jun 2021



ISIS is set to benefit from £1.5 million funding to enable the next generation of neutron and muon science, laying the groundwork for future development of the facility.


​​​​ISIS-II will be needed by 2040​


The funding from the UKRI Infrastructure Fund will allow the UK to plan ISIS-II, the successor to the current facility at RAL, allowing the international neutron and muon ​community to continue addressing key scientific challenges with enhanced imaging techniques and applications.

Professor Mark Thomson, Chief Executive of STFC, said, "STFC’s RAL campus is the home to a variety of very large multi-disciplinary research facilities, including the Diamond Light Source synchrotron, and the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source. RAL is unique in bringing together such a wide range of top-end facilities on a single site. These world-leading machines provide intense beams of light and other particles to image matter at the molecular and atomic scale for a wide range of research disciplines. The investment announced today is an important step in maintaining the UK’s position as a global science leader with cutting-edge national scientific facilities."


A £1.5 million investment is dedicated to finding a successor for the current ISIS Neutron and Muon Source facility, which will be needed by 2040. This scoping project will enable research into an optimal accelerator and target system architecture for ISIS-II.

Professor Robert McGreevy, Director of ISIS, says, "For over 30 years ISIS has been a world renowned UK research facility, used to study everything from anti-bacterials to batteries. But the present facility won’t last forever. This investment enables us to start the early design for a new facility.​"
Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,ISIS)