Local Rules, Personal Dosimetry and Systems of Work
08 Nov 2010



Control and measurement procedures

​Dosimetry Badge

 Local Rules

The Local Rules summarise the key working instructions intended to restrict exposure in radiation areas. They will include at least the following information :

  • A description of the area covered by the Rules and its radiological designation.
  • The radiological hazards which may be present in the area.
  • The formal dose investigation level.
  • Names and contact details of responsible people, including the Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS). The RPS is responsible for supervising working arrangements set out in the Local Rules.
  • Detailed working arrangements for the area.
  • Contingency plans.

You must have read and understood the Local Rules before starting work on your experiment. Please contact the RPS if you have any questions about the Local Rules.

Local Rules for R55 and R80 are available online here:




Personal Dosimetry & System of Work

All ISIS users are required to wear a personal dosimeter, which is issued from the Health Physics Office.  Please note that dosimeters are only valid for the month shown on the front of the badge. It is a requirement of IRR99 that you wear your dosimeter correctly and take care of it. Dosimetry must:

  • be worn at all times when in the ISIS experimental halls,
  • be worn on the outside of your clothing, between the waist and shoulder – not in a pocket or a bag,
  • be returned to the Health Physics Office at the end of your experiment.
Dosimetry Badge

Dosimetry Badge
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If you lose or damage your dosimeter, please obtain a replacement from the Health Physics Office.

When you are issued with your dosimeter you will also receive a ‘System of Work for ISIS Controlled Areas’. This summarises the conditions for entry to Controlled Radiation Areas, including dosimetry arrangements, for people who are not Classified Radiation Workers. However, please remember that the detailed working instructions specific to your area will be found in the Local Rules.

If you are a Classified Radiation Worker, you are required to present your radiation passbook at the Health Physics office before starting work in ISIS radiation areas. 

A monthly environmental dosimeter is installed in each instrument’s control cabin to record the total dose at that location. Results are reviewed regularly by the Radiation Protection Adviser to ensure that doses in these areas are being kept ALARP.

If you have any questions about working with radiation at ISIS, please speak to your Radiation Protection Supervisor in the first instance.

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