Working with Ionising Radiation
07 Nov 2010



The accelerators, target stations and instruments at ISIS are heavily shielded to reduce radiation exposure to people working in the surrounding areas. Shielding on the instruments is typically constructed from steel and wax tanks.




Radiation surveys are carried out in R55 and R80 before the start of every user cycle to confirm that dose rates outside the shielding will not result in personnel doses exceeding the 1 mSv per year limit. Occasionally, the surveys may show that dose rates in certain areas are higher than usual, and these areas will be indicated by signs and / or barriers.

When an instrument is taking beam, interlocks prevent access to areas where the radiation dose is very high. The interlocks are described in more detail later.

All work with Ionising Radiation is carried out under the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 (IRR99). For ISIS this means that we apply the following control and measurement procedures to our work:
1. Local Rules
2. Personal Dosimetry
3. Systems of Work

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