Low temperature
02 Oct 2009



A wide variety of low-temperature cryogenic equipment is available for ISIS instruments, including top and bottom dilution refrigerators (=30mK), static exchange gas He4 cryostats (=1.5K) and both top and bottom loading closed cycle refrigerators (=4.5K).

​High power dilution fridge set up showing a pressure cell used on the Mari spectrometer

1.5K to 300K

1.5K to 600K

Closed Cycle refrigerators (CCRs)
4K to 300K

CCR Hot Stage
4K to 700K

Dilution Refrigerators
25mK to 300K

He3 Sorption Refrigerators
300mk to 300K

Water baths
-40°C to 90°C

Cryogenic Sample Changers

Cooling Samples at Ultra-low Temperatures 
Our range of Sample Cans and techniques for Cryogenic Temperatures

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