Closed Cycle refrigerators, CCRs
17 Sep 2009




Closed cycle refrigerators, CCRs, are electrically driven mechanical devices which, by the controlled cyclic compression and expansion of high pressure helium gas follow the Gifford-McMahon thermo-dynamic cycle or thermo acoustic cooling by pulse tube ref

Sumitomo 415 GM Top Loader detail, showing close up of 1st & 2nd stage and sample volume

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Top Loading CCRs

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High Pressure Dedicated CCRs

Beamline Dedicated CCRs


Many CCR units mount directly into an instrument’s own vacuum thus reducing the number of shields which contribute to parasitic backgrounds.

If you have any questions about any of our CCRs or you think you may want to use one on your experiment please contact the sample environment team, or the respective instrument scientist. There is also additional information on most of our CCRs and the integrated Cold heads if you follow the respective links.