Materials Characterisation Laboratory
12 Jan 2010



The Materials Characterisation Laboratory at ISIS boasts a wide range of instrumentation for studying a variety of material properties including determining sample structure, composition, purity and magnetic and electronic or electrical properties.




It is equipped with some general lab equipment (small items and consumables) as well as the more specialist instruments. 

Users are encouraged to contact the laboratory manager Dr Gavin Stenning in advance of their visit to enquire about equipment availability and training, as well as for any other questions.

If work carried out in this laboratory is intended to contribute towards a paper or other publication, we request that you observe the following guidelines regarding acknowledgements or co-authorship, where applicable.

Laboratory Instruments

You can explore the capabilities of the laboratory through instrument or technique, via the links below.


Experimental Technique

XRD     Physical & Magnetic Properties

Elemental Analysis (XRF)     Thermal Analysis (DSC)


Density     Sample Preparation



Rigaku SmartLab     Rigaku Miniflex 600

Agilent Gemini S

Quantum Design MPMS XL-7     Quantum Design PPMS-9

Radiant Technologies Precision Premier II Ferroelectric Test Rig

Durham Magneto Optics NanoMOKE3

PANalytical Epsilon3 XL     Bruker Veeco Dimension 3100

Differential Scanning Calorimeters

Quantachrome Micropycnometer


Users are encouraged to read the Safety Information and Working Practices documentation before using the laboratory and instruments.