​Muon Spectroscopy User Meeting: Future Developments and Site Calculations
03 Aug 2018



Programme and talks in the meeting



Session 1   RIKEN-RAL Muon Facility
Welcome: Philip King (STFC and RIKEN-RAL)
Initiation and the earliest history of RIKEN-RAL Muon Facility: Ken Nagamine (KEK)
μSR at the RIKEN-RAL Muon Facility from 1994: Isao Watanabe (RIKEN)
Particle/nuclear/atomic physics experiments by RIKEN: Katsu Ishida (RIKEN)
Exploiting the unique capabilities of the RIKEN-RAL beamline: Elemental Analysis and Electronic Irradiation: Adrian Hillier (STFC)
RIKEN-RAL muon facility for energy materials research: Jun Sugiyama (Toyota)

Session 2   User Meeting – Facility Developments
Facility Developments: Adrian Hillier (STFC)
Super-MuSR: Peter Baker (STFC)

Other news from the facility
Updates on RIKEN-RAL refurbishment project: Beth Evans (STFC)
New sample environment equipment: Steve Cottrell (STFC)
Data analysis software: Anthony Lim (STFC)
Muon impact brochure: Mark Telling (STFC)
Future laser opportunities: Koji Yokoyama (STFC)
Muons in EU SINE2020 project: Matteo Aramini (STFC)
Towards an ultra-low temperature muon facility: Pabitra Biswas/Chris Lawson (STFC)
Future detector technologies for μSR: Dan Pooley (STFC)

Early Career Presentations
Multigap superconductivity in chiral noncentrosymmetric TaRh2B2: Daniel Mayoh (Warwick)
Progressing the musr instrumentation in ISIS and CSNS: Ziwen Pan (USTC)
Using negative muons for elemental analysis: Beth Hampshire (Warwick)
Muon characterization of dielectric insulation in an electric field: Benjamin Orton (STFC)
Multi-phase magnetism in Zn-doped Cu2OSeO3: Thomas Hicken (Durham)

Session 3   Science Opportunities with SuperMuSR
Future shocks: opportunities in magnetism with Super-MuSR: Tom Lancaster (Durham)
Beyond the Kubo-Toyabe and stretched exponential functions: how μSR can reveal spatial magnetic correlations: Pierre Dalmas de Reotier (CEA)
SuperMuSRConductors: what u can do with for higher resolution: Roberto De Renzi (Parma)
Designing materials for all solid-state batteries: Serena Corr (Glasgow)

Session 4   Site Calculation 1
Project updates: Tom Lancaster (Durham) and Roberto De Renzi (Parma)
Computer Simulations for Interpreting μSR Experiments: Beyond DFT: Leandro Liborio (STFC)
Strain-induced effects in single crystal α-RuCl3: Franz Lang (Oxford)
How the Muon Senses Ordered Cu Spins in YBa2Cu3O6 - A Supercell Approach by DFT Calculations: Irwan Ramli (RIKEN)
Candidate muon stopping sites in NaFe1-xNixAs and Quantum effects within an anharmonic approximation: Ifeanyi Onuorah (Parma)

Session 5   Site Calculation 2
Superconducting Gap Symmetry in Organic Superconductor λ-(BETS)2GaCl4 studied by μSR and DFT: Dita Puspita Sari (Shibaura)
A Revisit to the Ordered State of Cu-Spins in La2CuO4 Simulated by DFT - Quantum Approach to Muon Sites: Muhammad Redo Ramadhan (RIKEN)
Muon sites in spin ladders and skyrmion-hosting materials: Ben Huddart (Durham)
CalcALC: a user tool for predicting and interpreting ALC and QLCR spectra: Francis Pratt (STFC)