News for users: October 2017 round
21 Sep 2017



News, events, instrument updates and information applying for beamtime for users who wish to submit a proposal in the next round.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ISIS Neutron and Muon Source is now accepting proposals for the October 2017 round.​ Image credit: STFC​


​October proposal round closing date: 16 October 2017, 23:00 GMT

This call for proposals covers beamtime that will be allocated from March 2018 to September 2018


The following proposal round closing date will be 16 April 2018, 23:00 GMT.

Instrument Updates


IMAT will be available in this round, for a limited number of days and currently only for white-beam tomography and energy-selective imaging. Whilst there is still significant commissioning work to be performed on the instrument the facilities available (e.g. sample environment) will be limited. Please note ALL proposers must discuss their proposal before submitting with one of the IMAT team members.


MARI iis not accepting regular proposals this round as it is undergoing an upgrade (guide and detector electronics) until the end of summer 2018. However, some beamtime may be available during the scientific commissioning period and interested users are encouraged to contact the instrument scientists Tatiana Guidi and Duc Le.


MAPS is available in the proposal round following its upgrade with a new guide and chopper . The flux available will be comparable with that on MERLIN (about a factor five more flux than the old MAPS instrument at an incident neutron energy of 50meV, slightly more at lower energies). Please contact the instrument scientists, Russell EwingsToby Perring or Stewart Parker to discuss proposals, especially those that may be done during the scientific commissioning period.


Due to ongoing repairs to the 14T magnet, and a backlog of experiments waiting to use it, the maximum​ field available for diffraction experiments on WISH will be 9​T.


There will again be a reduced amount of beamtime available on GEM in the coming round, due to a planned upgrade to the incident beam collimation.


An FT-IRRAS system is available on the INTER reflectometer for the study of liquid surfaces. A bespoke reaction chamber and mirror system is available, allowing on-beam, simultaneous infrared spectroscopy and neutron reflectometry. For details, please contact Maximilian Skoda.


Experimental reports
These are expected for all experiments carried out at ISIS. In particular, ISIS may choose not to accept follow-on proposals where there is no experimental report from previous beamtime. Report forms are sent by email following an experiment, or can be downloaded here.


User Satisfaction forms now online
The paper forms have been replaced with a new online version. Tell us your thoughts on all aspects of our services.


Proposal template
Guidance on writing the 2-page science case for an ISIS proposal is available – please see the template.


STFC Public Engagement Spark and Nucleus Awards
STFC have introduced new awards for public engagement that are open to facility users. Calls for the STFC Public Engagement Spark Awards 2017 (grants <£15K) and Nucleus Awards (grants £15K-£100K) are now open for applications. The deadline for the Spark Awards is 16.00 on 26th October and the deadline for the Nucleus Awards is 16.00 on 2nd November. If you'd like to discuss ideas relating to ISIS, contact Preeti Kaur at least 2 weeks in advance of the deadline.


ISIS Website Migration

The ISIS website has recently migrated to a new system. ​It looks a little different from the old site, but in terms of content it is very similar to what was there previously. If you have any general feedback on the new website please contact us

Theses based on ISIS Data
Thanks to everyone who sent us details on their theses which included ISIS data – all those from 2016 will be included in our latest annual review. There is still time if you want to submit yours – please send citations to us.


30th-31st October 2017 - ISIS Student Meeting

Are you a student or do you supervise a student? The next ISIS Student Meeting is taking place on the 30th-31st October at Cosener's House in Abingdon. For further information, please contact Becky Welbourn.

Registration is now open here.


6th-7th November - ISIS Crystallography User Group and the Physical Crystallography Group meeting

Lectures for the 2017 winter meeting will be held in "The Barn" at The Crown and Thistle, with the Poster Session and Conference Dinner remaining at The Cosener's House Abingdon .

Registration is now open here.

23rd - 24th April 2018 - Large Scale Structures user meeting

The Large Scale Structures user meeting will happen next year at Coseners' House in Abingdon.

Registration will open nearer the date of the meeting.​