PANalytical Epsilon3 XL
02 Mar 2015



The Epsilon3 is an energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for performing quick elemental analysis on a range of sample types. The instrument is sensitive to the elements fluorine through to uranium in concentrations from ppm up to 100%.

The Epsilon3-XL X-ray fluorescence spectrometer in the MCL.
Accepted sample types
  • Powders (loose and pressed)
  • Fused beads
  • Metals
  • Liquids
  • Films
  • A dedicated large sample mode can accommodate larger objects up to a size of 10 x 20 x 10 cm (H x W x D).

A 10-position autosampler allows for multiple sample throughput.


  • Metal-ceramic, side-window X-ray tube (max. 50 kV, 3 mA, 15 W)
  • Ag anode
  • Six tube filters (Kapton, Ti, 2x Al, Cu & Ag)
  • He gas purge to improve intensities of lighter elements such as F, Na, Mg and Al

The instrument is controlled by PANalytical’s Epsilon3 software which also facilitates qualitative and quantitative analysis, including the ‘Omnian’ package for standardless analysis.

Further options for sample preparation include a high-temperature furnace for preparing fused beads from your sample material. More details can be found on the Sample Preparation page.

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