Staff Profiles




Meet some of the staff who work at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source...

Instrument Scientist

Adam works in the muon group as an instrument scientist, supporting scientific users to perform their experiments as well as conducting his own research.

Sandwich Student

Amrin is a sandwich student studying Molecular Biology at University College London. She is working as a Biology Lab Method Developer for a year as part of her degree.​

Instrument Scientist

Devashibhai Adroja (known as Adroja) has been at STFC for 20 years and is an Individual Merit Scientist.

Sandwich Student

Emily is a sandwich student at ISIS working for a year as part of her master’s degree. Emily helps to monitor the proton beam and the magnets inside the synchrotron, ensuring the beam is working so that experiments can run.

Instrument Scientist

Genoveva is an instrument scientist on the neutron imaging and diffraction instrument called IMAT. Genoveva is looking at expanding the applications of this technique including research into engineering components, as well as life sciences and biology.​

Electronic Engineer
Laura joined ISIS as part of the graduate scheme and is currently working as part of the Accelerator Controls Group designing programs which are crucial to the running of ISIS.​​
Sandwich Student

Mihnea is a sandwich student that has been involved in STFC’s High Performance Low Cost Ventilator project, as well as his placement project.

​Software Engineer

Mohamad did a placement year at ISIS and then joined the STFC graduate scheme.​

Sandwich Student
olivia tindle.png 
    Olivia is a sandwich student who works in the neutronics
​    group. investigating the effect of neutron energy on
    radiolysis of liquid methane.

Accelerator Physicist
​Scott Lawrie works on the ion source to keep it running efficiently as well as planning new experiments and upgrades to improve its function.
​​Stephen, Electrical and Electronic Engineer

Stephen works as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer at ISIS, designing, programming and upgrading equipment to make sure our experiments are performed safely and efficiently.​

Sandwich Student
tolu cropped.png
​Tolu is a sandwich student at ISIS working for a year as part of his Engineering Physics degree. He works with muons to look at batteries, electrical devices, and ancient artefacts like Roman coins.

Electronics Technician

After completing his apprenticeship, Tristan now works as an Electronics Technician and designs the equipment needed to monitor the proton beam in the synchrotron.​​

Instrument Scientist

Victoria is an neutron instrument scientist studying how molecular dynamics control the properties and functions of soft and biological materials.​​

Zoe, Head of
ISIS Operations

Zoë on the construction site of the new R106 building

​​​After joining ISIS straight from school, Zoë is now Head of ISIS Operations and Deputy Director.​