PhD Studentships
06 Jan 2020



Applications are now open for PhD positions co-funded by the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source.




​​These co-funded studentships, normally 50% funded by ISIS and 50% by a university, contain an element of facility development - for example development of equipment, software or experimental processes. Studentships have an ISIS supervisor and a university supervisor who work in partnership throughout the student's project. Over recent years, ISIS has funded around 40 of these studentships across a wide range of topics and university partners. A full list of the studentships supported to-date can be found here

Applications are now open through the relevant university websites. 

2020 ISIS - UK Catalysis Hub PhD Studentship Opportunity​

Understanding hydrocarbon behaviour in realistic zeolite cracking catalysts using neutron scattering and molecular modelling
ISIS Supervisor: Jeff Armstrong
External Supervisor: Dr Alexander O'Malley
Host Institution: University of Bath​​
Apply online via Find a PhD

2020 ISIS PhD Studentship Opportunities

Opto-Electronic Control of Magnetism​

ISIS Supervisor: Sean Langridge​

External Supervisor: Oscar Cespedes

Host Institution: University of Leeds

Apply on the University of Leeds webpage.

Developing new methods for corrosion and steel degradation studies​

ISIS Supervisor: Winfried Kockelmann

External Supervisor: Dr Adriana Matamoros Veloza 

Host Institution: University of Leeds

Apply on the University of Leeds webpage.​

DFT+mu: a quantum toolkit

ISIS Supervisor: Francis L Pratt

External Supervisor: Professor Tom Lancaster

Host Institution: Durham University

Exploiting Neutrons to Unveil Star-Formation: Exploring Dynamical Amorphous Ice Systems

ISIS Supervisor: Tom Headen 

External Supervisor: Dr Helen Jane Fraser​

Host Institution: Open University

Listed as "ISIS / OU Co-Funded Facility Development and Utilisation PhD Studentship​" on the Open University studentships website​.

SANS – SEMSANS for the study of hierarchical length scale materials systems (soft, hard and biological)      

ISIS Supervisors: Rob Dalgliesh, Adam Washington 

External Supervisor: Dr Andrew Parnell

Host Institution: Sheffield

Isolating incoherent quasi-elastic neutron scattering using polarised neutrons

ISIS Supervisor: David Voneshen

External Supervisor: Professor Jon Goff

Host Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)

Muonic Atom X-ray Spectroscopy: implementation and benchmark of Monte Carlo simulation codes for non-destructive measurements.

ISIS Supervisor: Adrian Hillier

External Supervisor: Massimiliano Clemenza

Host Institution: Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca

Hard-Middleware: Facilitating Reliable Machine Learning Deployment for Automotive Applications

ISIS Supervisor: Chris Frost

External Supervisor: Dr James J. Davis​

Host Institution: Imperial College London​

Contact: Jones, Martin Owen (STFC,RAL,ISIS)