PhD Studentships
04 Feb 2021



Applications are now open for PhD positions co-funded by the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source.




​​These co-funded studentships, normally 50% funded by ISIS and 50% by a university, contain an element of facility development - for example development of equipment, software or experimental processes. Studentships have an ISIS supervisor and a university supervisor who work in partnership throughout the student's project. Over recent years, ISIS has funded around 5​0 of these studentships across a wide range of topics and university partners. A full list of the studentships supported to-date can be found here

Applications are now open through the relevant university websites.

2021 ISIS PhD Studentship Opportunities

Developing new methods for corrosion and steel degradation studies

ISIS Supervisor: Winfried Kockelmann

External Supervisor: Dr Adriana Matamoros Veloza 

Host Institution: University of Leeds​

Isolating incoherent quasi-elastic neutron scattering using polarised neutrons

ISIS Supervisor: David Voneshen

External Supervisor: Professor Jon Goff

Host Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)

Apply on the Find a PhD webpage​.

Complex Metallurgy of the Bronze Age-Iron Age Transition in Iran: Archaeomaterials and Forensic Investigations

ISIS Supervisor: Antonella Scherillo, Anna Fedrigo

External Supervisor: Nathaniel Erb-Satullo

Host Institution: Cranfield

Apply on the Find a PhD webpage.

Humic/HULIS material extracted from the environment at a solid-liquid interface: Cloud-climate effects and a modular community cell for neutron and photon science

ISIS Supervisor: Rebecca Welbourn

External Supervisor: Martin King

Host Institution: Royal Holloway University of London

Adsorption of surfactants as friction modifiers

ISIS Supervisor: Rebecca Welbourn

External Supervisor: Julian Eastoe

Host Institution: Bristol

Apply on the Find a PhD webpage.

Experimental and numerical studies of fast neutrons for design and characterisation of neutrino experiments and spallation sources

ISIS Supervisor: Carlo Cazzaniga

External Supervisor: Teppei Katori

Host Institution: King's College London

Apply on the Find a PhD webpage.

Developing Accurate Structural Models and Transferable Potentials for Multicomponent Glasses using Dissolve.

ISIS Supervisor: Tristan Youngs

External Supervisor: Emma Barney

Host Institution: Nottingham​

Apply through the Nottingham website

New Quantum Materials from High Pressure

ISIS Supervisor: Pascal Manuel

External Supervisor: Paul Attfield

Host Institution: Edinburgh

Apply on the Find a PhD website.

Experimental and computational studies of the methanol synthesis catalyst – where is the hydrogen?

ISIS Supervisor: Stewart Parker

External Supervisor: Arunabhiram Chuita

Host Institution: Lincoln

Apply on the Find a PhD website.​

Development of in situ Electric field and Electric current capabilities at ISIS

ISIS Supervisor: Diego Alba Venero

External Supervisor: Peter Hatton

Host Institution: Durham University

Where's the Lithium? Elemental analysis and structural characterisation of Li-containing ore materials using advanced muon and neutron techniques.

ISIS Supervisor: Adrian Hillier

External Supervisor: Caroline Kirk

Host Institution: Edinburgh

Apply on the Find a PhD website.

Joint ISIS-Diamond Studentships

Investigation of novel electrode structure for a new class of conversion electrode materials in solid state batteries by in operando X-ray and neutron imaging

ISIS Supervisor: Genoveva Burca

Diamond Supervisor: Thomas Connolley

External Supervisor: Chun Huang

Host Institution: King's College London

Apply on the Diamond webpage.

Interfacial magnetism in topological insulator heterostructures

ISIS Supervisor: Sean Langridge

Diamond Supervisor: Dirk Backes

External Supervisor: Thorsten Hesjedal

Host Institution: University of Oxford

Apply on the Diamond we​bsite.

Contact: Jones, Martin Owen (STFC,RAL,ISIS)