PhD Studentships
08 Mar 2023



Applications are now open for PhD positions co-funded by the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source.




​​These co-funded studentships, normally 50% funded by ISIS and 50% by a university, contain an element of facility development - for example development of equipment, software or experimental processes. Studentships have an ISIS supervisor and a university supervisor who work in partnership t​hroughout the student's project. Over recent years, ISIS has funded around 5​0 of these studentships across a wide range of topics and university partners. A full list of the studentships supported to-date can be found below.  ISIS Facility Development Studentships Awarded to 2022.pdf

Applications are now open through the relevant university websites.

Case studies of previous and current ISIS facility development students and their work are available by clicking the names below: 

Harry Lane​Anna Herlihy, Matilda Rhodes, Richard Waite, Ranggi Ramadhan, Ralf Z​iesche

ISIS PhD Studentship O​pportunities

Laying deep foundations for operando muon spectroscopy experiments of ionic diffusion at ISIS

​ISIS Supervisor: Peter Baker

External Supervisors: Professor Serena Cussen​ and Dr Innes McClelland, University of Sheffield

Apply on the Find a PhD website

Investigating the structure of extracellular vesicles and budded virus in baculovirus replication

ISIS Supervisor: Najet Mahmoudi

External Supervisor: Prof Linda King, Brookes University and Dr Adam Chambers, OET Ltd

Apply on the Investigating the struc​ture of extracellular vesicles and budded virus in baculovirus replication at Oxford Brookes University on

Measuring the elastic properties of single-crystal and composite materials

​ISIS Supervisor: Dominic Fortes

External Supervisor: Dr Simon Hunt, Unievrsity of Manchester​

Apply on the Find a PhD website​

​Art, soft matter and SANS: combining optical coherence tomography and scattering methods for art conservation applications

ISIS Supervisors: Antonella Scherillo and Najet Mahmoudi

External Supervisors: Associate Professor Lucas Goehring and Pr​​ofessor Haida Liang (Nottingham Trent University)

Apply on the Find a PhD website

Online Structural Investigations of Advanced Porous Materials for A Net Zero Future

ISIS Supervisor: Pascal Manuel​

External Supervisors: Professors Sihai Yang and Martin Schroder, University of Manchester

Apply on the Find a PhD website

Simultaneous wide and small angle operando neutron total scattering to probe electrolyte ordering in supercapcitors

​ISIS Supervisor: Tom Headen

External Supervisor: ​Dr Chris Howard, ​University College London, as part of the CDT in Advanced Characterisation of Materials

Apply on the CDT-ACM webs​ite. ​

Contact: Jones, Martin Owen (STFC,RAL,ISIS)