Pressure Hazards
13 Nov 2010



Hazards exist within pressure systems due to:• The stored energy of the compressed gas.• The chemical nature of that gas.




Various codes of practice apply to all pressure and vacuum systems. In summary:

1.   All pressurising systems must have a pressure relief device such as a bursting disc or pressure relief valve.

2.   No pressure or gas-handling cell may be used at ISIS unless it has been assessed by the Lab’s nominated engineer for pressure systems. The engineer can be contacted through the Pressure and Furnace Section Leader - Chris Goodway.

3.   Hazardous gas systems should have a “Hazardous Gas” sign displayed, and a written shut down procedure, these will be supplied with the system by the Pressure and Furnace Section.The pressure system should only be used after authorisation is given by a member of the Pressure and Furnace Section.

4.   Depending on the gas being used it may also be necessary to have an extraction system in place. (There are fixed extraction systems available on many of the beamlines but if one is not available a portable system can be used).

Please Note: The ISIS Experimental Operations Pressure and Furnace Section and safety advisor will tell you which particular precautions are required for your experiment.

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