Temperature Hazards at ISIS
12 Nov 2010



Cryostats, Cryomagnets and Furnaces


Temperature related hazards involving sample environment equipment.

  • Cryomagnets will always have flashing amber beacons when energised and hazard notices displayed.

  • Avoid carrying items that can be attracted or damaged by high magnetic field when in close vicinity of the magnet.

  • Please do not fill cryostats. Experimental Operations support staff are always available to do this for you.

  • Always ensure that the cryostat sample volume is at atmospheric pressure before removing the centre stick.

  • Take precautions to avoid cold burns – use gloves – when dealing with centre sticks that have been in or are going into a cryostat.

  • When inserting or removing samples warm the cryostat to 100K to ensure that there is no liquid helium in the volume around the sample space, the combination of rapid expansion of gas and change in temperature can damage the cryostat.

  • Please note that some of the outer components may get very hot when using a furnace.

  • Cadmium is not allowed in any furnace or piece of Sample Environment equipment that is intended for use above 120°C.

  • Extra care should be taken when using Vanadium cans above 600°C as they may become embrittled.

  • Be aware that your sample may​ behave unexpectedly in the furnace and give off a gas or act corrosively.

  • Any apparent loss of sample containment must be reported to the Duty Officer/Health Physics and Experimental Operations support staff who will help you sort out the situation.

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