Rigaku Miniflex 600
25 Feb 2015



The Rigaku Miniflex is available for use by all ISIS staff, users and collaborators for characterisation of materials, including pre- and post-beamline experiments.


Although limited to general XRD measurements, it is both fast and efficient, producing high-quality results quickly and easily. It can be used in conjunction with the SmartLab to further expedite the process of getting high-quality powder and thin-film XRD data.

The Rigaku Miniflex 600 powder X-ray diffractometer.

The Rigaku Miniflex 600 powder X-ray diffractometer.
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  • 600 W X-ray tube source
  • Both the D/tex Ultra high-speed silicon strip detector and a scintillation counter detector available
  • Single sample mount (glass & silicon slides)
  • 6-position sample changer
  • Air-sensitive sample stage (also compatible with the SmartLab)
  • Variable incident and diffracted beam slits


Control of the instrument is via the Rigaku software on the accompanying PCs. Also available is the PDXL powder diffraction analysis package, for peak calculation, phase identification, Rietveld refinement, a wizard for ab initio crystal structure analysis and access to the Crystallography Open Database (COD).

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