Sample changer
30 Oct 2009



TOSCA also has an automated sample changer that can handle up to 36 samples. The operation of the sample changer is controlled by the computer in the cabin.


‚ÄčTosca Chain Sample Changer Top ‚Äč


TOSCA Xpress

TOSCA Xpress is run every cycle, for non-regular and new users. 

Samples are restricted to solid or liquid form that require minimal sample handling (i.e. can be handled in the open laboratory).

Minimum Sample Quantity:

  • Organic compounds: 2gm (5gm is preferred)
  • Inorganic compounds: contact the Instrument Scientists to discuss sample quantity before completion of this application

Measurement Temperature

  • All samples will be run at 20K or below

Data Ownership

  • 2 years after the measurement or on publication the spectra shall become public domain and will be published on the INS database