Sans2d sample environment
17 Oct 2008




Sample environment (or SE) equipment is the apparatus that contains the sample to be studied, and which also allows it to be subjected to a range of different conditions (temperature, pressure, etc) in order to extract the science. The versatility of SANS


The SANS2D sample position is in air with access from above. It can accommodate equipment up to 2m3 in size. There is a 5 tonne crane, an alignment laser to help position samples, and it is provided with compressed air, argon, helium and nitrogen gas purges, and both normal and demineralised water.


SANS2D-specific (the standard configuration is marked with *)

  • quartz cuvettes *
  • vertical height stage (computer-controlled) *
  • horizontal translation stage (computer-controlled) *
  • thermostatted double-deck sample changer with a variety of sample racks (NB: the decks can be at different temperatures) *
  • 5kW (heat & cool) circulating fluid baths (-20 to +100 degC) *
  • in-situ Dynamic light scattering
  • Stop-flow apparatus - in development
  • Huber stage for GISANS - in development

Potentially available from LOQ (requires prior consultation)

  • rotating sample rack for unstable dispersions (NB: limited temperature control)
  • small rotation stage (computer-controlled)
  • small +/- 45 degree goniometer (manual)
  • fibre holder
  • Physica MCR501 CSS/CSR rheometer with quartz or titanium Couette geometries
  • Scientific & Medical (Thar) 1kbar pressure cell
  • Goudsmit 2T electromagnet (90mm pole gap; transverse or solenoidal fields)

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ISIS Laboratories

The ISIS Chemistry and Materials Characterisation Laboratories contain a variety of additional equipment which may be used to better characterise samples. This equipment is available for use by visiting researchers but must be booked in advance. It includes: