Target Station 1
01 Mar 2018



​Target Station 1 (TS1) has run for over 30 years without significant maintenance or development work. The TS1 project seeks to upgrade key elements of the target station, with the actual work likely to take place around 2020.


​​The ISIS First Target Station.​


The TS1 project aims to ensure the operation of the ISIS First Target Station for many years to come.  The project will see a complete refurbishment of the internals of TS1, including the design of the target and its cooling systems, the moderators and the reflector and all their associated services.  This also includes the monitoring instrumentation within the target station vessel, target station controls, the trolley that the target, moderator and reflectors sit on, and the large area of plant which deals with the target station services which sits behind the target station.

The actual installation work will occur over a period of about a year from Sept 2020 - Nov 2021, and the facility will have an extended shutdown during this period: TS1 will be shut down for 14 months for the work to happen.  At the same time, work will be taking place to replace part of the linnear accelerator, and this will take TS2 off for around 8 months from Setp 2020 until May 2021.  This shutdown work means that the proposal round that would be normally held in April 2020 will be cancelled, and the round that would have been held in Oct 2020 will be for TS2 instruments only.  Further details of planned proposal rounds and run cycles can be found on the Apply for Beamtime page.

Preparation is already well underway for the work. As well as detailed engineering design work, and now procurement of major items for the project, other work includes the creation of a characterisation rig that ca​n take absolute flux and time of flight data for ISIS instruments and ortho/para ratio measurements for liquid hydrogen in both the target stations.

A more detailed description of the project, written in March 2018, can be found here.​