12 Feb 2021



From liquid density towers to Saturn mobile making, take a look at our activities and worksheets below.





KS1 - Make your own Saturn

Did you know you can make your own Saturn mobile using a paper plate? Click here to download our worksheet showing you how.

KS1 - Sunflowers 

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to plant sunflowers. 
Download our pdf sunflower worksheet taking you through the growing process, including some sunflower science! ​
KS2/KS3 - Density
liquid density tower.png
​​Learn about density, as well as how to build your own liquid density tower​, using our density worksheet.

​​Find additional notes, including some extension activities, here.
KS2/KS3 - Living on the Moon

Build your own UV detector astronaut and lunar habitat - our worksheet shows you how.

KS2/KS3 - LOOminaries
nikola tesla.png

​LOOminaries are inspirational people made from an em​pty loo roll and anything you can find around the house!D​ownload our pdf worksheet of some of our favourites, alongside some related activities.

KS2/KS3 - Crystals
crystals website pic.png

Did you know you can grow your own crystal art using ingredients you have at home? Download our pdf worksheet showing you how. 
KS2/KS3 - Butterflies
butterflies website pic.png

Butterflies have the amazing ability to produce colour without pigments. Download our butterfly worksheet explaining how, and try your hand at origami and a butterfly safari!
KS3/4 - Batteries
Battery header.PNG
Did you know you can make your own battery using lemons? Download our Battery Worksheet ​​to find out more, and learn how neutrons are helping to build better batteries!
KS5 - Stress and Strain​

Explore what happens when materials deform. Investigate stress and strain in solids and liquids, and discover related research at ISIS, by downloading our pdf worksheet.

Contact: Kaur, Preeti (STFC,RAL,ISIS)